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Spring Cleaning

I haven’t written a blog in a while. I was waiting to feel inspired to share something. And today it happened. Today I started “spring cleaning” before I even realized what I was doing. Spring cleaning is about getting rid of the literal and metaphorical dust that has collected over the year….or more. One way that “Spring” cleaning came about was that after winter was over people could open their doors and widows and clean out the dust, soot and grime from the winter coal, wood, kerosene, or whale oil fires. There are also various religious and cultural ties to this idea of a yearly cleaning or clearing out, often centered around springtime, which makes sense because so much new growth is happening, it seems like a good time to get rid of some of the old. I realized today the great value in paying attention to and participating in this custom.

We always think there will be another time to go through old files or photos, clothes or boxes of who knows what. You might also think, “Well I’ve already thrown out the things I wanted to so why go through stuff again?” I will tell you why, you go through it because that is exactly why you saved revisit it at another time.

Go visit the stuff you have held onto but has not even seen daylight for a while, because there is a reason it’s still around.

Some things might bring a smile to your face, ignite an old memory, cause you to reach out to someone from your past. You might look through things and decide again to save them or willingly let them go this time.

I wound up doing this today. …holding on, letting go and making room to grow.

I tried on pants and made a pile of those I’m giving away because I NEVER wear them. I plan to do this with other clothes like socks, and T shirts.

Looking through old photos and papers I finally tossed several things out. I went through old journals and boxes and found rough drafts of letters I’d written to friends and colleagues over the years. These I’m keeping. They remind me of important pieces of myself and others, heart- felt moments in time, and they remind me of becoming who I am. I was touched by finding things I had written, whether love letters or school term papers or pages in a diary, and “meeting my self” at an earlier age.

By going through my drawers and closets, looking at old pictures or reading old stuff, I revisited my past but re connected in the present as I took screenshots and sent them to friends and family. Today I re-cherished some of my history, let go of things that are no longer important and made space for something new. I suggest you try it too.

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Roma Padun
Roma Padun
Nov 24, 2023

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