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Something I wrote long ago but with a tiny tweak is still so true today...

December 2022 …

When the winter solstice draws near I begin my holiday rituals that bring me so much contentment and joy; making my Christmas cards, wrapping crystals, picking out the Christmas tree and this years horse ornament for Bruce, and adorning the spaces I live in with relics of Holidays past and reminders of what this season means. The days grow shorter and there is more dark time inviting all of us to "go inside." I reflect on my life in the last year and all my friends, family and colleagues who are in it with me. It is always impossible to say enough about my love and gratitude for all of you. Whether we see each other often or rarely there is a connection, a bond or a purpose on the planet that has drawn us together in an important way. I am lucky to have you in my life. To CCI Coaches: I could not be more proud. Our clients get the finest consideration, care and compassion possible. You should all be impressed with the work you do and the healing you provide on so many levels. There is a deeper commitment, a loving presence, a genuine authentic soul self that each of you bring to the clients and this helps them bring this aspect forward in themselves. To my family (and extended family): I feel fortunate and grateful to be a part of the group of people referred to as "my family". I am proud to know all of you and to say we are related. I could not ask for anything better. I could ask for more time with all of you and I hope that in the next few years we will make more time for each other. A family has a unique bond. All of us have a very special meaning for each other and although you might not think we pick each other..........we do. I picked all of you and even if you are wondering picked me too. Thank you. And thank you for being who you are, loving me, supporting me and helping me grow. I love you all unconditionally and nothing can or will ever change that. To my friends and colleagues (many of you are also staff): Whether you are one of my oldest friends, deepest soul mates, an admired colleague or somewhere in between, for whatever reason we found each other and I knew there was something special and important to hold on to. My life is fuller and more meaningful by having you in it. I learn more about myself, people, relationships, my work and the world around me by knowing you. In endless ways each of you help me be a better human and a better me. I hope and strive to do the same for you . Everyone: Please know you are in my thoughts always but I'm taking the time now to tell you because it is what I do at this particular time of year I learned to call "Christmas." With love and gratitude to all Carolyn

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