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Sharing a Resource

I wanted to share a new resource for clients struggling with eating disorders as well as coaches who want to improve their skills in working with eating disorder clients.

Jeanette, my Director of Operations at The Carolyn Costin Institute, created a program called "Change in Real Life" that offers over 10 hours of on demand coaching. It addresses specific situations like eating in front of other people, grocery shopping, struggling after a difficult appointment with a treatment provider, weight gain, dating during recovery, social media and more.

Jeanette was trained by me and I served as a consultant during the development of this program, so I know how valuable it is for clients who need support as well as coaches who want to learn how I would address specific situations.

If you want to sign up for the 10 hours of on demand coaching support, click here:

I am also including a video below that I did with Jeanette for Change in Real Life.

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