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  • Carolyn Costin

Get Ready for the Super, Blood, Flower Moon Eclipse

The full moon tonight, Wednesday, May 26th, is also known as the Flower Moon, named by Native Americans for it coinciding with a time when flowers began to bloom. Tonight’s Flower Moon show is extra special, a real treat from the Universe. This moon appearance will exist of 3 events at once. Appearing in the sky across the western half of the U.S. we will see: a Supermoon, (the largest and closest full moon of the year), a total lunar eclipse (the only one in 2021) and a blood moon (the dusty rose color of the moon that appears in a total lunar eclipse).

People living in the Pacific and Mountain time zones should be able to see it, if they are willing to get up somewhere around when it starts at 1:46 am, to when it is in full glory between 4:11 and 4:26 a.m. when the Moon’s surface is blanketed by the Earth’s shadow.


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