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Easter.... Celebrate life and Renewal

Easter falls around the time of year known as the Spring Equinox, when, in the northern hemisphere, the length of the nights and days becomes identical. Winter falls away to a time of renewal and rebirth. Baby animals are born, plants and flowers begin to bloom again.

The Easter holiday owes its name to Eostra, the Germanic goddess of spring and fertility. Eggs and rabbits have long been used, since Pagan times, to celebrate this holiday because they are symbols of fertility and new life. And what better example of new life than the resurrection of Jesus, celebrated by Christians.

Today is a good day to look at the abundance of life, the thriving, pulsing renewal happening all around us ….and to contemplate: what needs to go in your life, what do you need to resurrect or give new life to, and what needs to emerge anew.

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