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Connect with your inner Good Witch

I have often told the story of being 5 years old and going to kindergarten in my witch costume for Halloween. I was very upset that the other kids who dressed up in Alice in Wonderland or fairy costumes just didn't get it. ( And yes, I was kind of a control junkie way back then).

BUT this year I want to add another dimension to my little witch self and want to claim my witchness....that being a Good Witch.

I see a Good Witch as a female who has claimed or reclaimed her feminine energy, magic and power. She uses nature, sounds, herbs, crystals, colors, chanting and rituals. ( Anyone who knows me will recognize me already). Her use of these things is to transform her own life and the lives of others for the better, for the highest good.

A Good witch finds sacred meaning in the cycles of life and death and the seasons. She realizes that everything has a spiritual nature and lives by the mantra, "Do unto others, not what you would have them do unto you, but because they are you."

So, this All Hallows Eve, let the Good Witch that is in there,

come out and create a bit of magic

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