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CCI Joins Project HEAL, Assisting Marginalized Eating Disorder Populations

Today’s climate has amplified awareness of the need for racial justice and heightened my own sensitivity to the fact that treatment and support for those suffering from eating disorders is highly inequitable. Black people, and other marginalized populations, are less likely to be accurately diagnosed, less likely to gain access to treatment, less likely to receive treatment that acknowledges cultural diversity and oppression-based trauma, and are therefore less likely to recover from their eating disorder. Additionally, these same communities are grossly under represented in those who provide treatment and support services. As a leader in the eating disorder field I strive to listen, learn, and take meaningful actions where needed. I begin by taking the following steps to become actively anti-racist and work with marginalized individuals.  I, and The Carolyn Costin Institute, pledge: To expand access to Eating Disorder treatment: I am personally donating $10,000 as a founding sponsor of Project HEAL’s Treatment Equity Project, focused on breaking down barriers to treatment.  To expand access to Eating Disorder coaches for people in recovery: Selected CCI coaches will join Project HEAL’s HEALers Circle to provide free or sliding scale eating disorder support to marginalized people who experience systemic, insurance and financial barriers to treatment. To expand access to Eating Disorder coach training: CCI will start a free tuition scholarship program for marginalized individuals. Our first scholarship will be given to a Black person needing financial assistance to become a certified coach through the CCI. For more information on coaching, check out the coaching section of To apply, click “Application” on this page. Scholarship applications must be received by December 31, 2020. ****Be sure to indicate if you are applying for the scholarship. In solidarity to help the eating disorder field become more fair and equitable,

Carolyn Costin

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