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Tending the Feminine Psyche

With: Carolyn Costin, MA, MFT, MEd, Francie White, MSRD and Anita Johnston, PhD

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Dr Anita Johnston Carolyn Costin Francie White
Carolyn Costin zipline workshop
Carolyn Costin workshop photo

Carolyn"The goal of our retreats is to combine personal and professional development, spend time with like-minded professionals and connect with ways to continue to heal our patients and ourselves."



Carolyn leads 5-7 day workshops for women in the eating disorder and body

image field. These workshops hosted together with Anita Johnston and

Francie White are an experience not to be missed!


Held in beautiful, serene locations such as Hawaii, Costa Rica, or Orcas Island, participants get to escape from the pace and structure of professional life --

while learning cutting edge approaches to eating disorder treatment

and receiving continuing education credit as well.

With pristine backdrops, uncrowded beaches, or beautiful mountains these retreats are an amazing experience for professional and personal transformation. Participants tend to Body, Mind, and Soul while being immersed in eating disorder training, mindfulness, mythology music, yoga and more.


Watch a Video From a Past Workshop:

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