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Course for Families and Loved Ones

After working with hundreds of families and traveling around the world educating thousands more, Carolyn has finally put together a course that family members can sign up for and take at their own pace to help them deal with the daunting task of supporting and helping their loved one struggling with an eating disorder. 

From getting inside the mindset of someone with an eating disorder, to teaching loved ones how to talk back to the eating disorder self and strengthen the healthy self, this course provides the kind of information that Carolyn used to deliver in family groups and sessions at the treatment center she founded and ran for 20 years. 

Every family is different but there are some important things to know and understand in order to grasp this complex illness and this course puts family members on the right track, offering a foundation that can then be built on with the specific details of each families’ unique situation. 

Carolyn Costin offering tips for families and loved ones of those who have eating disorders

The course contains over 20 hours of audio, visual and written material, including:

• Information to help you understand eating disorders 

• Insight into how a brain hijacked by an eating disorder will interpret certain comments and circumstances 

• Specific, actionable tips to help you at various stages of your loved one’s journey 

• Guidance on what to say/do and NOT say/do in certain situations 

• Information on the types of treatments available 

• What to expect during family therapy sessions 

• Advice on how to care for yourself as you endure the ups and downs of your loved one’s struggle 

• Never before heard audio from inside family sessions with Carolyn 

• Interviews with those whose loved ones are now recovered, which contain relatable stories, things they wish they would have done differently, things that worked, turning points and advice they want to pass on to you. 



**If you are looking to receive continuing education credits, please use the link below instead.

You can view our continuing education program policies here**

From One of Our Students:

I loved this course so much, it's truly amazing and a gift for families (and clinicians). 

The clips of family sessions and family groups, and the video interviews with loved ones, really stood out for me as they are definitely not something available in books, or anywhere until now, and I know will be so informative, inspiring and reassuring for loved ones. They were so beautifully done and so touching, I wish my parents had had access to something like this when I was struggling. 

I can't think of a single thing that was missing, or unnecessary, for what I wish loved ones could know. 

My only feedback, or question, would be for clinicians (coaches) - I found myself wishing there were handouts included in the course that we could use with the loved ones of clients, to help me as a coach help them as I know some of my clients' loved ones won't be able to afford the course. I wish there was something tangible I could give them to read from the course, as Carolyn's words are so perfect for these important topics. Handouts would be so amazing, but I know they could also buy books and I could point them to the chapters parts of the course were adapted from. 

Thank you so much Carolyn for creating this, it was beautiful and inspiring and truly covers every aspect a course could for loved ones, and I'm so happy it exists, it truly was missing. P.S. It was so neat getting to hear your actual counselling sessions!!! I wish you'd been my therapist, and my family's therapist, when I was struggling, that's all I kept thinking.....

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